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BAAC approved its credit line to 35,000 million for agricultural machinery procurement  [2015-06-22]
BAAC extended its credit line for the procurement of agricultural machinery project, to reduce costs and increase production efficiency of farmers, to 35,000 million baht Continue »
BAAC gave away 24 Billion Baht to Taweechok clients  [2015-06-22]
Mr. Luck Wajananawat, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) president discloses that BAAC organized lucky drew event to reward its Taweechok clients on Sunday 23rd February, 2013 at Chonburi province town hall. Continue »
BAAC arranged "Quality Fertilizer at Fair Prices through Farmers Credit Card Project"  [2015-06-22]
BAAC in cooperate with BAACs Agricultural Marketing Co-Operatives Limited, the Thai Agri Business Co., Ltd. (TABCO), and the Thai Fertilizer Producer Trade Association supply of 400,000 tons of good quality fertilizer at fair price for farmer credit cardholders and offer 4 months worth of loan interest compensation to reduce production capital and alleviate the suffering of the high fertilizer prices for farmers. Continue »
BAAC grant 4 million farmer credit card offering extra benefits to farmers across the country  [2015-06-17]
The government launched the second phase of the farmer credit card scheme boosting the number of cards to 4 million. The cards now offer extra benefits and condition to cover all farmers. Continue »
Farmers credit card to cover all careers in agricultural sector  [2015-06-17]
Mr. Tanusak Lekuthai, Deputy Minister of Finance and Chairman of BAAC presided over "Farmers credit card to cover all careers in agricultural sector" Continue »
BAAC in supporting Football Development Funds establishment  [2015-06-17]
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra presided over the opening of a charity football match to establish a fund to assist former Thailand national football players and special athletes in Olympics International for sustainable development in sport. Continue »
BAAC launched "School Bank Camp, Realize Young Financiers dream"  [2015-06-17]
BAAC supports youth savings habits. Organized Camp knowledge called "School Bank Camp, Realize Young Financiers dream" aim to fully develop the potential abilities of 462 students who perform bank school officers from every province across the country. Continue »
BAAC in certificate granting ceremony of Agricultural quality inputs shop  [2015-06-17]
Mr. Luck Wajananawat, President of BAAC, attend certificate granting ceremony of Agricultural quality inputs shop and quality symbol Q. Continue »
BAAC and JS100 Radio launched "Grow Rice in office, learning farmer life"  [2015-06-17]
BAAC joined JS100 Radio to launch the project "Grow Rice in office, learning farmer life" and invite a new generation to learn how to grow rice and touch the farmer life. Project will be published in the Reality on Air. Both government and private organizations to co-sponsored the event. Continue »
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