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Model Community

Model Community development underlying philosophy of sufficiency economy.


1) To induce the sufficiency economy philosophy and the new theory to BAAC farmer clients and Thai population in order to acquire a better quality of life.
2) To strengthen the community to be self-reliant and interdependence in the community and also create economic community network.

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives by Customers and Rural Development Department has been holding a prototype sufficiency and the new theory development project since 2006. The development consists of three steps.
Step 1: To creating a sense of community self-reliance.
Step 2: To integrating to interdependence community and between communities
Step 3: To develop community enterprise and community network by using knowledge sharing as a tool for development.


1. Preparedness of personnel includes BAAC staff community leaders.
1.1 BAAC staff, Provincial Office sets up sufficiency economy model community working group to define guidelines and operational plans. The working group will appoint the team to coordinate, encourage and pushed community leaders to develop their community by adopting economy philosophy. Kpb. staff will conduct training courses in the field of leadership to step in economic sufficiency.
1.2 Community leader requires the training for community leaders related to driving of the sufficiency economy philosophy to sustainability.

2. Community arrangement according to philosophy of sufficiency economy in order to consider the development process appropriately

3. Using knowledge sharing panel as the main tool
To be coordinate with BAAC branches to conduct learning panel with the community. Using community leaders as a key learning on monthly basis and recording the results of the learning activities as evidence of learning process of community development and community-driven.

4. Defining KPI of the project success
4.1 Individuals level community members who participated in the project and adjusted their behavior to take household account and to reduce production costs and household savings.
4.2 Community level include community plans and taking community plans into action. Number of integration to do activities, number of community business plan, the community welfare fund, creating a network linking the business community.

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