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Love Fund (Mob Rak Deposit)

Qualifications of Depositors :
- Applicants must be BAAC loan customers
- Applicants age must be at the age range from 20 - 60 years old
- Applicants must be in good health

Coverage period/Deposit mode :
- 1 year/one time

Capital Allowance :
- The relief fund offered is subject to the amount of outstanding debt, a maximum not exceeding 200,000 baht per case.
- The minimum prescribed capital relief fund is fixed and shall be increased at 100,000 baht per level parallel to the level of the relief rate.
- 365 baht rate offered per capital relief fund of 100,000 baht per year (no refund upon maturity).
- Extend coverage for personal accident (PA1) is offered not exceeding the relief fund rate of 150 baht per coverage case of 100,000 baht per year.
- Thus the minimum coverage rate is also determined at 100,000 baht as well.

Coverage Plan :
- Receive 100% of the relief fund for every death case
- Receive an additional 100% for fatalities from the extended personal accident coverage plan

Payment Method :
- Cash payment via all BAAC branches
- Automatic deduction from account: The deduction must be confirmed 1 day in advance

For further enquiry, please contact your nearest BAAC branch

BAAC Love Giving Fund
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