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Code of Conduct

BAAC' s Code of Conduct has been written according to the will of Thailand’s Constitution B.E. 2550  Article 279. Its objective is as follow :

  1. To be a tool for its employee to perform effectively so that transparency and standard are incorporated and compiled within organization.
  2. To provide its employee as an operational guideline. In additional the code is recognized as frameworks for organization and staff to follows so that its operation is performed effectively and efficiently.
  3. To get BAAC to be widely well-known and trusted to key stakeholders.
  4. To create responsibility between BAAC and its staff so that chains of command in all level are tightly integrated and executed properly. Moreover the code is also provide the public and society a transparency mechanism.
  5. To provide BAAC a tool for managing Conflict of Interest among organization, staff and stakeholders. Additionally the existence of the code give BAAC a significant compliance to transparency principle.

BAAC's Code of Conduct for business conducting and its staff operation including management and the Board of Directors consist of the following 14 issues as follow:

  1. Obeying to law and Human's right.
  2. Supporting political issues.
  3. Conflict of Interest.
  4. Maintaining confidentiality and keeping confidential issues within organization.
  5. Practices of Customers Services.
  6. Approach of Business's rivals.
  7. Practices to stakeholders.
  8. Materials procurement.
  9. Environment and Social Responsibility.
  10. Practices to staff, management, and the Board of Directors.
  11. Internal control and internal audit .
  12. Approach to receive external incentives.
  13. Safety, Sanitary in workplace and environment.
  14. Asset, intellectual asset, and utilization of Information and Telecommunication Technology.


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