Statement of Directions for Fiscal Year 2018 
“The Year of Rehabilitation for Cooperatives and Farmer-Clients, Work System Development, Maintaining SMAEs, Providing Good Service from Our Heart”

In the fiscal year 2018, BAAC has been driving the strategies to operate in different dimensions in order to appropriately respond to the expectations of stakeholders in all sectors in accordance with the Government Policy. BAAC has also focused on building balanced sustainability in terms of economic, social, and environmental conditions for farmers, as well as operate under the policy of the Statement of Directions with the financial institution strategies determined by the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO). 

“BAAC is a financial institution for development that provides the opportunities for the people to thoroughly gain access to sources of investment funds go together with provide Financial literacy to support the strength of the local grassroot economy, improve the competitiveness of the country, and reduce social disparity under the administration of a stable, transparent, and sustainable organization with the application of technology and innovation for the administration and financial services.” 
To be a secure rural development bank with modern management providing integrated financial services to sustainably enhance the quality of life of farmers.
1. To provide complete financial services in order to respond to customer needs, focusing on increasing the efficiency of the agricultural value chain with the cooperation of the network.
2. To develop the resources management together with the network to strengthen farmers, community, agricultural institutions, and community financial institutions with supporting, sharing, and fairness.
3. To manage the capital to be adequate and provide appropriate costs for customers and the operation. 
4. To promote the use of innovation and technology to enhance the efficiency of the administration and service provision, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the customers.
5. To be committed to Good Corporate Governance and adhere to creating stable and sustainable Co-creating Value that balanced value in terms of the economy, society, and environment.
Sustainability (S)     Sustainability of the organization, employees, customers, networks, shareholders, society, and environment
Participation (P)      Participation of the stakeholders
Accountability (A)   Awareness of the responsibilities of BAAC’s Board of Directors and employees
Respect (R)              Respect and give dignity to oneself and others
Knowledge (K)        Promote and enhance knowledge to become innovation in order to create a Bank of Learning and use the innovation to raise the income of farmers