Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) gives precedence to good cooperate governance in order to excellence and timeliness in our communications to stakeholders and the market and must be in accord with Thai laws. To ensure the excellent communications, we prescribe disclose policy as below

1. Information Disclosure Principles

1.1 The disclosed information must be accurate, sufficient and timely.

1.2 The provisions, laws and regulations related to dissemination of information must be observed and fully complied with.

1.3 All stakeholders, including shareholders, and other interested parties shall have an equal opportunity to obtain the externally available information of the Bank.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 The Chairman of the Executive Committee, the President, Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President will have authority to consider and decide the information shall be disclosed to public.

2.2 Office of Public Relation and Communication will responsible for collecting information from other departments and disclose to public through various channels.

3. Type of Information, Timing of Disclosure and Communication Channels

3.1 Regular filings to regulatory bodies as required by law depend on type of information.

3.2 Communication channels are provided depend on the regulatory bodies as required by law. At first glance various communication channels are provided as follows:
 - Electronic channels; website, Internet and other social networks
 - Printing medias; pamphlet, poster, newsletter, booklet, letter and annual report
 - Mass communication; radio, local radio and television.
 - Other communication channels; interviewing, BAAC learning center, BAAC clients, seminars or conferences and BAAC exhibitions.

4. Policy Review

BAAC will annually reviews the Disclosure Policy to ensure that it reflects any regulatory requirements or best practice developments.