The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) manages to provide measures to protect personal information of its customers who utilizes BAAC’s services and products.

BAAC is hereby to declare its policy to keep confidentiality of its customers’ information to the public and its staff as follow:

1.Collection and Retention of Personal Information
BAAC will seek your consent prior to collect your personal information which is only necessary for providing better services for you in order to achieve BAAC’s legitimate business purposes and in compliance with relevant laws. If you choose to provide personal information such as postal address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as demographic and customer identification, BAAC will maintain these information, as well as your business activities and transactions, according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

2. Quality of Personal Information
BAAC will collect and retain customers’ personal information in order to provide services in accordance with BAAC’s legitimate business purposes. Hence BAAC gives priority to information collected in terms of correctness, completeness, and always up-to-date.

3.Policy of Collection of Customers’ Information
BAAC will collect, retain and use customers’ information if BAAC considers that such collection will be of benefits to both its customers and BAAC’s legitimate business purposes. Later on if BAAC decides to change its policy of customers’ information collection, the Bank will be, not less than 30 days in advance, informing its customers via its website : and also will be circulating formal letters which will be posted at BAAC branches nationwide.

4. Limitation of usage of customers’ information
BAAC will not disclose its collected customers’ information to any third parties for independent use. Further BAAC will not disclose those collected information to external organizations unless the disclosure is lawfully permitted or required by a subpoena or court order, governmental regulatory authorities, government officials authorized by applicable laws.

5. Security procedures to protect personal information
BAAC employs and implements IT-based security standards and procedures to ensure that personal information being kept at BAAC is safe, not lost and disclosed to illegal or prohibited entities, protected against malicious access in order to alter or modify its contents, or use illegally.

6. Disclosure of Implementation, Practices, and Policy of Personal Information
BAAC will publish disclosure of Implementation, Practices, and Policy in the respect of Personal Information via the BAAC website at and also circulation of formal letters being posted at BAAC branches nationwide. Anyone who interested in could access to any BAAC branches to review those.

7. Participation from the owner of Information
BAAC will disclose personal information upon the request from the owner , successor, heir, statutory agent or legal representative from the owner. The request can be done by filling the form available at any BAAC branches nationwide and lodged at the branch. Upon receiving the filled form BAAC will process the request within 30 days.

In case the owner , successor, heir, statutory agent or legal representative from the owner lodges an application to change, alter, modify the contents of the personal information including an objection against its contents, BAAC will also log those requests as well.

8. Responsibility of BAAC staff
BAAC will manages its staff to strictly follow and conduct any practices and policies regarding protection of personal information which BAAC has employed.

9. Log File
The BAAC website maintains a strong security standard by logging any internet access to its website. Access information such as IP Address of all accessing-devices to the website, type of Browser to get access to, will be kept for later security purposes in order to comply with any relevant laws.