Mr. Chatchai  Sirilai
Mr.Kasab Ngeanruang

Senior Executive Vice President
: Mr.Kasab Ngeanruang

Mr. Seksan Chankwang

Senior Executive Vice President1
: Mr. Seksan Chankwang

Mr. Yuwapon Wattu

Senior Executive Vice President2
: Mr. Yuwapon Wattu

Mr. Pongphun Jongrak

Senior Executive Vice President3
: Mr. Pongphun Jongrak

Mr. Narong Khuntiviriyakul

Senior Executive Vice President4
: Mr. Narong Khuntiviriyakul

Mr. Kriangkrai Kalharat

Senior Executive Vice President5
: Mr. Kriangkrai Kalharat

Mr. Chedtha Laepong

Senior Executive Vice President6
: Mr. Chedtha Laepong

Mr. Yotin Permpool

Executive Vice President7
: Mr. Yotin Permpool

Mr. Narong Sawanpopan

Executive Vice President8
: Mr. Narong Sawanpopan

Mr. Paisan Hongtong

Executive Vice President9
: Mr. Paisan Hongtong

Ms. Kaimuk Jungjaijarumas

Executive Vice President10
: Ms. Kaimuk Jungjaijarumas

Mr. Manop Jinamai

Executive Vice President11
: Mr. Manop Jinamai

Mr. Sattha Inprom

Executive Vice President12
: Mr. Sattha Inprom

Ms. Thanid Thitichoutwatthanakul

Executive Vice President13
: Ms. Thanid Thitichoutwatthanakul

Mr. Wittaya Patumasut

Executive Vice President14
: Mr. Wittaya Patumasut

Mr.Komen Kotsriwong

Executive Vice President15
: Mr.Komen Kotsriwong

Mr.Kiattisak Praworn

Executive Vice President16
: Mr.Kiattisak Praworn

Mr.Natee Krailop

Executive Vice President17
: Mr.Natee Krailop

Mr.Sunan Pongprayoon

Executive Vice President18
: Mr.Sunan Pongprayoon

Mr.Tongkum Kadchoti

Executive Vice President19
: Mr.Tongkum Kadchoti

Ms.Prommakorn Promkutkeo

Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Strategy Department20
: Ms.Prommakorn Promkutkeo

Mr. Somporn Parnhon

Senior Vice President of General Administration Department21
: Mr. Somporn Parnhon

Ms.Pattama Thungtong

Senior Vice President of Treasury Department22
: Ms.Pattama Thungtong

Mr. Verachai Inklan

Senior Vice President of Audit Department23
: Mr. Verachai Inklan

Ms.Rattanasiri Lertamornvanich

Senior Vice President of Banking and International Business Department24
: Ms.Rattanasiri Lertamornvanich

Mr.Apinun Arunyavej

Senior Vice President of Risk Management Department25
: Mr.Apinun Arunyavej

Ms.Kanista Gitsivavet

Senior Vice President of Work System and Information Technology Development Department26
: Ms.Kanista Gitsivavet

Mr.Tara Srihamas

Senior Vice President of Personal Credit Department27
: Mr.Tara Srihamas

Ms.Wilaihong Saejia

Senior Vice President of Digital Operation Department28
: Ms.Wilaihong Saejia

Ms.Wimonrat Buranatecha

Senior Vice President of Work System and Information Technology Development Department29
: Ms.Wimonrat Buranatecha

Mr.Pluk Ardhan

Senior Vice President of Customer and Community Development Department30
: Mr.Pluk Ardhan

Mr.Suwinai Thailawan

Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy Department31
: Mr.Suwinai Thailawan

Ms.Saovanee Rathong

Senior Vice President of Accounting Department32
: Ms.Saovanee Rathong

Mrs.Kochpapad Boonthiemtad

Senior Vice President of Deposit Department33
: Mrs.Kochpapad Boonthiemtad

Mr.Thawatchai Voraphakhaboonya

Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs Department34
: Mr.Thawatchai Voraphakhaboonya

Mr.Pongthep Promsiri

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Data Management Department35
: Mr.Pongthep Promsiri

Ms.Arunwan Wongmaneeroj

Senior Vice President of Management Department36
: Ms.Arunwan Wongmaneeroj

Ms.Chalamporn Choatchutrakul

Senior Vice President of Human Resource Department37
: Ms.Chalamporn Choatchutrakul

Mr.Kanit Chancharoen

Senior Vice President of Institution and Entrepreneur Credit Department38
: Mr.Kanit Chancharoen

Mr.Sakda Siriwiroj

Senior Vice President of Government Policy Department39
: Mr.Sakda Siriwiroj

Mr.Teerayuth Nilpat

Senior Vice President of Personal and Institution Debt Quality Management Department40
: Mr.Teerayuth Nilpat

Mr.Pornchai Ngamsinchamras

Senior Vice President of Central Branch Administration Department41
: Mr.Pornchai Ngamsinchamras

Mr.Manoch Buaong

Senior Vice President of Upper Northern Branch administration Department42
: Mr.Manoch Buaong

Mr.Poom Kleawsirikul

Senior Vice President of Lower Northern Branch Administration Department43
: Mr.Poom Kleawsirikul

Mr.Nopporn Summanee

Senior Vice President of Rural Development Department44
: Mr.Nopporn Summanee

Mr.Songporn Yongyai

Senior Vice President of Western Branch Administration Department45
: Mr.Songporn Yongyai

Mr.Wuttichai Khakhanmalee

Senior Vice President of Upper Northern Branch Administration Department46
: Mr.Wuttichai Khakhanmalee

Mr.Wijit Srisomsak

Senior Vice President of Lower Northeastern Branch Administration Department47
: Mr.Wijit Srisomsak

Mr.Sittivat Vechasit

Senior Vice President of Upper Southern Branch Administration Department48
: Mr.Sittivat Vechasit

Mr.Narongsak Keawchai

Senior Vice President of Lower Southern Branch Administration Department49
: Mr.Narongsak Keawchai