Qualifications of Applicants :
- General individuals, group excluding corporate entity

Deposit Method :
- Every 2,000 baht continuously deposited for 3 consecutive months on each operating cycle is entitle to a lucky draw
- A minimum of 50 baht is compulsory to open an account with no limitation on the next deposit
- The applicant is eligible to open an account for a child
- The deposit account can be used parallel with the ATM card
- Interest rate is tax exempted

Operating Cycle :
One operating cycle has a duration of 6 months as follow
- Cycle 1: during January 1 - June 30 of every year
- Cycle 2: during July 1 - December 31 of every year

Lucky Draw Entitlement :
At a Provincial Level :
-    Committed to 2 lucky draws per year as follows:
•    Round 1: lucky draw in July of every year
•    Round 2: lucky draw in January of every year
-    The member can check their names for the lucky draw entitlement, lucky winners and details of the prizes at BAAC branches where the account is opened
At a Country National Level :
-    BAAC organizes the national prize award from time to time according to the appropriateness The award is usually organize once a year with prizes worth approximately 30 million baht

Deposit Interest Rate :
-    Interest rate is based under the terms of BAAC