Remittance between Thailand and Laos by the cooperation of BAAC and APB (Laos)

“Transfer money to Thailand or transfer money back to Laos easy to send or receive money at every BAAC and APB Branch”

This service provide transferring money overseas via SWIFT between the BAAC and APB :
- Convenient, fast, and safe. Do not worry about exchange rates.
- Transfer money to Laos (outward)
- Receive money transfer from Laos (inward)
- Cheapest fees
- Reliable (as one of the government bank)

Fee rate
Transfer money to Laos (outward)
Transfer Amount Fee
Less than THB30,000 THB500/Transaction
THB30,001 – 400,000 THB550 + 0.125% of transferred amount (min. THB300 – max. THB 500)
THB400,001 or upper THB550 + 0.125% of transferred (no max.)
Note: 0.125% is Com in Lieu of Exchange

Transfer money from Laos (inward)
- In case of BAAC deposit account, transfer fee is THB200 per transaction / no amount limitation
- In case of crediting into another bank account, transfer fee is 0.25% of transferred amount (min. THB200 max. THB500) per transaction and Bahtnet fee is THB150 per transaction

Special !
Money Transfer Notification Service from abroad via mobile phone message (SMS alert) once deposit money credit into the account. Free of charge!

Point of Service
Every BAAC branch and sub-branch throughout Thailand.

For more information
Please contact International Business Division, Banking and International Business Department Call (+66)2-555-0447 or (+66)2-558-6555 EXT. 6039-41 or BAAC Call Center 02-555-0555s