A savings scheme which a savings certificate will be issued to the depositor. Each certificate holds a range of numbers (a least one number) representing an amount of money deposited at BAAC. One unit or each number represents a value of 100 Baht. The assigned numbers will be used for lucky draw which will be held on a monthly basis so there will be 36 lucky draws in this scheme.
With regard to the lucky draw of the 1st prize(in 3 years of for 36-time lucky draw), there are 6 times ( draw in November and May ) which the 1st prize is accounted for 15 Million Baht and 30 times ( draw in the months excluded from November and May) which it is accounted for 10 Million Baht.

There are 2,536,080 prizes, all prizes are in cash, for each lucky draw, which accounted for 162,580,000 Baht.

The certificate lasts for 3 years which the holder can redeem all amount of money deposited plus interest which accounted for 0.75 Baht ( 0.25 % per annum) for each unit. However, the holder who redeems money deposited prior to the certificate matured, which is 3 years since the deposit date, will get no interest. In addition the holder who redeems money deposited within 3 months since deposit date must pay fee, accounted for 2 Baht per unit, to BAAC.