HHonesty with integrity
The Cornerstone of Stability in our Lives
Detail The sculpture entitled “Honesty/Justness” reflects the concept that honesty means straightforwardness, sincerity, moral conduct and forthright execution of one’s duty.
EEconomy, Sufficiency
A Life Based on Sufficiency Economy Is the Approach Leading to a Balance in Life
Detail The sculpture entitled “In the Water, There Is Fish; In the Field, There Is Rice” reflects the concept that sufficiency does not mean frugality but, rather, the use while appreciating the value of resources for maximum benefits. As a country abundant in resources, Thailand can be perceived as the Land of Gold.
The Standard for the Aim for Achievement
Detail The sculpture entitled “Sculpture from the Conscience” reflects the sculptor’s upbringing in a rural area where rice farming was the people’s main occupation. To him, rice is significant: an icon for agriculture, a cornucopia of food, the fulfillment of life and knowledge for human beings. Out of a creator’s obligation and spirit, his work was created with the sense of gratitude to rice.
RResponse heartily
The Condition for Success in Fostering Friendship
Detail The sculpture entitled “Smile” ref lects the concept that the Thai wai, when accompanied by a smile, is comparable with a blooming lotus that is gently opening up to greet the new dawn and all living things. A heartily smiling service provider thus indicates happiness and readiness to welcome the service user.
The Format of Work Based on Unity
Detail The sculpture entitled “Relations” reflects the concept that cordial relations among all functioning units lead to happiness, harmony and progress.