Gain high interest from long-term savings

Service Highlights
- Obtain special interest rates
- Savings for expenditures
- Savings for future use
- Offers higher interest than ordinary savings
- Daily interest charge and tax exempted interest
- Bank account book can be used as loan collateral

Objective :
- Savings for future expenditures
- Future emergency savings

Depositor’s Qualifications :
- Ordinary person or  Individuals from the age of 7 years onwards
- Corporate companies

Initial opening account :  
- At least 10,000 THB

Minimum deposit - withdrawal :
- First initial opening account should at least be 1,000 THB
- Withdrawal should not be lesser than 1,000 THB per time unless withdrawing interest or closing an account

Deposit Duration :
- Unlimited

Interest/Return :
- Daily interest charge. If the balance is lesser than 10,000 THB the interest rate shall be calculated from the savings account interest rate
- Interest rate tax exemption is eligible to ordinary person or individuals
- Corporate companies pay tax according to the terms of the Department of Revenue

Terms of withdrawal :
- Withdrawal should not be lesser than 1,000 THB and withdrawal can be made once a month. Second withdrawal shall be charged a bank fee of 1% from the withdrawal made but not lesser than 500 THB

Documents required to open an account :
-    Ordinary Person or Individual
   •    Copy of identification card
-    Corporate companies
   •    Important documents of the contact identification
   •    Copy of Registration Certificate
   •    Copy of Taxpayer identification number
   •    Memorandum of Association
   •    Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors in agreement with bank handling transaction and authorized person to handle withdrawal
   •    Identification of authorized signatory
   •    Sample of company seal